Stephan Kinsella: Unplugged, Unhinged and Unmedicated

Fuck it! If John T. Kennedy doesn’t want to resurrect, I’ll just cut and paste portions of it from the Wayback machine. Some of these are simply too priceless to be left in the internet’s garbage dump.

Here’s one about about immigration and about Stephan Kinsella, one of the LvMI/LRC’s most abhorrent cretins. The post is short, but it has 249 comments. Strongly recommended to anyone who believes that the LvMI/LRC is anything other than a bunch of psychopaths, sociopaths, and garden variety morons. The original post can be viewed here.   Enjoy.


Stephan Kinsella Ought To Shut His Stupid Cake Hole

Sep 24, 04 | 3:31 am by John Lopez

Speaking of immigration, self-styled anarchocapitalist (or perhaps “libertarian“) Stephan Kinsella has this to say over at

How about this compromise: we remove all barriers to immigration except one: we charge a fee. I propose we charge somewhere between $1 million and $10 million per family. That way you guarantee you get fairly decent (non-criminal, educated, successful, civil, etc.) quality immigrants. Continue reading

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Racial Differences and the Future, by Dwight J. Ingle

Racial Differences and the Future

Racial differences in intelligence and ability should be investigated rather than assumed not to exist.

By Dwight J. Ingle
Originally published in Science 146(3642):375-379, 1964

This article is a review of a few of the problems related to the struggle of minority ethnic groups, especially the American Negroes, for equal rights and advancement. It considers possible genetic and environmental bases of the problems, tenable means of achieving equal rights with a minimum of conflict, and the possible replacement of weakly effective efforts to alleviate biosocial problems by methods which would prevent their occurrence; and it makes a plea for freedom of debate and inquiry. All that follows is open to debate and criticism; this is an expression of ideas that is intended to be heuristic, not self-validating or fully documented. I use the word “race” in its popular sense, recognizing that all ethnic groups represent mixed origins and that there is no known physical or behavioral trait which is found exclusively in one “race.” Continue reading

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The Price of Affirmative Action: The Danielle N. Lee Fiasco

There is no better time to be reminded of the horrendous consequences of the crime known as affirmative action than Black History Month, that pathetic display of sham appreciation created by white guilt and vigorous leftist propaganda. Mocking affirmative action is particularly fun when its victims are leftists who brought the trouble on themselves, and what can be a better opportunity for schadenfreude than the recent ordeal of Scientific American, a magazine neither scientific nor American, and its “Urban Scientist”, Danielle N. Lee?

If you haven’t heard of the Lee story, look it up here and here. There is no use rehashing the story; suffice it to say that SciAm is now stuck with Lee for the indefinite future. They can’t fire her; they can’t edit her blog posts; they can’t criticize or critique her work; they can do nothing whatsoever. And that’s the price you have to pay when you hire an unqualified loudmouth simply because of her skin color.

Who is that Lee, anyway? According to her LinkedIn profile, she took ten years to complete a PhD at the U. of Missouri at St. Louis, preceded by three years for (apparently) a master’s and five years for (apparently) a bachelor’s. Eighteen years from freshman to PhD—the mark of a true overachiever! If you can stomach it, read through some of her blog posts. They have almost nothing whatsoever to do with science and are written in mangled English (Ebonics?) so bad that it would have earned her a D in any legitimate freshman writing class. Either that, or a coveted spot on the SciAm blogroll.

And now they’re stuck with her polluting their site with nonsense on a regular basis. Great job, SciAm! You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Danielle N Lee, the "Urban Scientist"

The “Urban Scientist” in action. This is what happens when you make decisions based on skin color.

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Support Equality: Execute More Women!

From The Guardian:

Women account for about 10% of murder arrests but only represent 2.1% of death sentences imposed at trial and less than 1% of completed executions, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Where are all the feminists,  diversicrats, and other equality advocates to demand that Texas stop discriminating and begin executing more women? Equality across the board is what they want, no?

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What happened, John T. Kennedy? No time? No motivation? No contributors? What a shame!

Donut? Lung??

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Remember the Victims

Since 11th September 2001, approximately 91 million innocent victims have died of cancer. As you ad hoc humanists are whining about the 2,800 innocent victims of the World Trade Center attacks, remember that if you really cared about human life, you’d lament the 91 millions who have died in vain while a trillion dollars a year are spent on “national defense”, i.e. on making sure our terrorists are stronger than their terrorists.

September 11th, 2001: just another day in the war against cancer (and AIDS, and diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, multiple sclerosis, …)

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The Pirate Bay’s take on the Middle East

This is how the homepage of The Pirate Bay looks like when you visit it from an Israeli IP address:

The Pirate Bay's homepage, as it appears in Israel.

The Pirate Bay’s homepage, as it appears in Israel.

I admire TPB’s people for all they do, including this well-intentioned and honest attempt to push for peace in the Middle East. Alas, TPB’s people don’t seem to understand the intricacies of Israeli and Jewish society, as the photo they have chosen demonstrates.

Look at the Jewish kid in the photo. How do you know he’s Jewish? By the yarmulke (“Kippa”) he’s wearing on his head. But only a small percentage of Israeli Jews, and a tiny percentage of worldwide Jews, wear a yarmulke. Thus, the kid in the photo does not represent the Israeli Jewish population but only its religious subset.

And that brings us to the second problem. Cute and friendly as those two kids in the photo appear, in reality that yarmulke-wearing kid will never make peace with his Palestinian counterpart. Religious Israeli Jews are overwhelmingly right-wing and oppose any real territorial “concessions”, that is giving the Palestinians what has always been theirs.

The struggle for peace in the Middle East is first of all a struggle against religion and its ills. The yarmulke-wearing sociopaths on the Jewish side and the Hamas/Jihad maniacs on the Palestinian side are essentially the same: war-loving, peace-hating religious zealots who are dedicated to eternal war because they believe that their god will reward them in the afterlife.

To hell with all religions and the wars they propagate. Free Palestine today!

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